The branding of a company is an essential part of how customers feel about that company, and strong and effective branding is not something that ‘just happens’ on its own. The logo, the colour scheme, the fonts, even the tone of voice of the written copy is all important to the personality that customers infer. We love working on branding – we get to get inside the mind of a whole company and work out how best to visually summarise and communicate the ethos and persona of the business, how to express and meet the expectations and desires of the customers. To create something that resonates with people and tells them they can trust this brand.

Design that makes people say “Wow”

If you are a start-up, we can work with you to create a face for your company that will tie everything together. Our package will provide you with an integrated logo, font and colour system that will give the same consistent flavour to all of your corporate communications and marketing drives. Customers expect coherence and consistency and a strong brand makes it easy for you to provide this, and it is our honour to work with entrepreneurs on start-up projects, to help bring their dreams to vivid life.

Alternatively if you are an established company and the existing brand is looking tired or outdated then we can do a brand review and either refresh your brand or work with you to create a completely new one, as well as making sure that the brand is consistently and effectively communicated across all the different channels used by your company and customers.